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Internet Marketing Birmingham AL

When you perform a search on your preferred search engine the top five results will receive most of the traffic for any phrase containing a specific keyword. This leaves everybody else to compete for the other positions. Let’s think about this, is your website missing out on that possible traffic? Call Metro Marketing Groups today for our top of the line internet marketing specialist to give you top search engine ranks, reach out to a specific target, and improve your conversions today

Website Visibility:

How easy are you to find online? How easy is it to find your competitor on the internet? Most of the time when domain names are picked to go along with the company name, but the company names are not always tailored to what the business actually performs. Unless they actually search by your domain name they probably will not find you. What are your targeted keywords? When your targeted keywords are searched in the search engine is your business appearing on the first page. Can you be found on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing? Are you using your internet marketing strategies with your other marketing strategies to reach your targeted area and to keep your customers interested?

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis & Keyword Phrase Research
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing Strategies (SEM)
  • Web Design New Websites or Improve Existing Websites

  • Landing Page & Shopping Cart Conversion Strategies
  • Inbound Linking Strategies
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Information Product Development
  • Video, Audio, Print & Multimedia Production
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising Google AdWords® Campaign Management
  • Facebook™ Advertising Campaign Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Email And Auto-Responder Campaign Development
  • Increasing Targeted Website Traffic

Internet Marketing Strategies:

  • Expand your “digital marketing footprint” and effectively update and manage your social media marketing efforts saving you time and money.
  • Increase targeted traffic by identifying and utilizing the most relevant keywords for your business, products and services.
  • Get top search engine rankings and stay there through effective search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).
  • Select the best Internet marketing strategies for your specific needs.

Website Usability:

What type of visitor experience does your website offer? In a recent study it has been shown that people decide whether they will or will not do business with you within 20 seconds of visiting your website. If people are exposed to a poor website then all of that business is lost. When a prospective customer visits your website they are looking for a clean, clear, and organized layout design so they can easily find the information they are looking for. Consumers like to be able to easily access the information they are looking for instead of having to search for it. What type of impression are you looking to make with your potential customers?



Website Profitability:

Are you measuring your website’s performance? If you have a website are your conversion metrics, website statistics, and critical drivers being delivered to you in a form that allows you to see how your website is benefiting you? Has you visitor value been calculated (monthly sales / site visitors)? Are you taking advantage of all of your monitoring tools for your online presence such as Google Analytics™? The goal of your website is not just to get traffic. It is about getting traffic that is relevant to the service you offer which turns into new leads, inquires, and sales.

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Identify and enhance your conversion rates, cost-per-action, and visitor-value and communicate the value of your products, services, and business. Achieve your Internet marketing goals and improve your bottom line results.
Improve your website’s performance through measuring, monitoring, and applying site stats.

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Put a fresh, contemporary look and feel to your website that impresses your target prospects. Improve conversions and get your site visitors to click, call, respond, or buy through innovative website design. Learn more about our website development, website design services. Create a visually appealing website with effective marketing messages to improve your digital marketing and profits.

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We do all the work and we will get started on your new website or give a breath of fresh air to your old one. Hire our team for Internet Marketing and Web Design Services.
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