Social Media Marketing

While it can take a lot of time, trial, and error to sit and figure out how to get useful traffic out of social media marketing, it doesn’t have to be a complicated mess. Social media is one of the best services you can utilize for your business.

Social Media Truth

The truth about social media marketing is people are always connected! So you need to connect to them. Believe it or not, social media has become the newest form of word-of-mouth advertising.  Over 500 million people are connected in one way or another (Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.) And they could be talking about your business! Lately there has been a lot of hype on Social Media, this is because almost everybody is using it.

Get Social

The best part about the Social Media craze is people who do utilize their accounts are always connected through some form of computer device. Approximately 1 out of every 13 people on Earth has a Facebook account. That is shocking right? At any given time half of them are logged in to their account. As of right now Facebook is the largest Social Media platform, but as of the beginning of this year Pinterest is only behind Twitter by 0.03%. The great part of Social Media is it only takes a few post, tweets, or comments to build a reputation or make your company known. Recent Social Media Marketing Statistics will keep us up to date.

Did You Know?

74% of B2B companies aggressively use Facebook in social media marketing • 57% of companies have acquired customers through LinkedIn • 75% of small businesses in the U.S. engage in social media marketing • $3.1 billion will be spent on social media marketing in 2019 • B2B spending on social media marketing will rise 67% over the next 3 years • 20% of all website visitors to company sites come from social media • 2 out 3 people that follow a brand on Twitter will purchase from that brand • 66% of marketers saw a rise in search engine rankings due to social media marketing.

Stay Connected

As long as there is a constant stream of communication you can stay relevant to your consumer base, but as a business owner how are you expected to have time for that? We take that hassle out of your hands and manage all of them for you. You’ll see quickly how useful it is to be constantly reaching out to current and potential customers. Over 65% of users subscribed to a company’s content will use their services. Don’t get left behind in the digital age. See what Metro Marketing Groups can do for your businesses presence on social media today.

Steve Taylor

Social Media Tips

  •     Run contests

  •     Stay in constant contact with your customers

  •     Update pictures and business Info. on a regular basis

  •     Answer any questions customers ask

  •     Set up new Social Media accounts “Other Platforms”

  •     Manage aspects of your page

  •     Increase foot traffic or customer interaction as needed

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