Metro Marketing Groups was founded on the simple observation that the
world had changed; primarily that people were changing how they bought,
shopped and shared those experiences with the world around them. We
quickly realized that small businesses were really getting left behind,
and that there needed to be a company that acted as an advocate for them
and guided them in rethinking their game plan for marketing, including
website design.

The reality is that traditional internet marketing companies only
offer bits and pieces of the total package. So you have all these
different facets 0f marketing but they aren’t all in one place or for an
affordable price for the local business. So our founder and I put our
heads together and created a model that not only gives small businesses
everything they need to help their business thrive, including
professional website design but that also educates and enables them in
their daily workings so they can be successful long-term.

With Metro Marketing Groups, we start off with a consultation where
we sit down with you and understand your business, what you are
currently doing and where you want to end up. From there, we suggests
custom tailored services for your business needs and map out a game plan with all the while educating and enabling you so that you understand how
and why things work the way they do.

We are a local company here in Birmingham Alabama, so you
always get a live person when you call us and we can easily come out and
meet with you should the need arise. Another great benefit of being
local, is that we offer all the tools you need to be successful at
literally 1/5 the cost of traditional marketing companies and everything
is month to month with no commitment!

Make a Smart Choice!

Website Development

Having professional website design for your business is one of the most important things you can ever do for marketing your business!

Social Media

The truth about social media is people are always connected! So you need to connect to them. Believe it or not, social media has become the newest form of word-of-mouth advertising.


With the proper search engine
optimization tools you could hit the top five search results on the first page and even earn the majority of all of the traffic for any given keyword phrase, while everyone else fights for what’s left over.

Video Marketing

Proper video marketing will get you noticed. Youtube alone, is the second most utilized search engine in the world. Online Corporate Video is one of the fastest growing market medium on the planet right now. More than ever it is SO important to choose the right company for your video production.