Video Marketing

Video Marketing Birmingham AL

Did you know that a video is worth more than 1.8 million words? Yes, video advertising gets your message across in an incredibly effective manner. A recent study showed that a video can increase understanding of a product or service% by 74% [That’s Right %] 74

We are a professional video advertising agency that specializes in businesses like yours by creating amazing yet affordable video commercials. We have many resources at our finger tips including: Professional actors and actresses who would love to be the spokesperson for your brand, amazing animations and more.

Video Marketing Birmingham AL

What Types of Videos do we produce?

We produce online videos that are professionally voiced over and scored to promote your business, brand or a specific product. We can create really complex explainer type videos with animation or professional actors and actresses. Our team can create simple logo stingers or transition for you to use in future videos or if you already have all the bits and pieces but just need us to piece it all together for you give us a call!

The Truth About Video!

Proper video marketing will get you noticed. Youtube alone, is the second most utilized search engine in the world. Online Corporate Video is one of the fastest growing market medium on the planet right now. More than ever it is SO important to choose the right company for your video production.


Consider This!

Everyday 100 million internet users watch videos online.

44% of all online activity is spent watching a video.

80% of the internet users remember a video ad that they watch online.

90% of consumers state that they have watched videos to help them decide on purchases with major retailers.

What Does This Mean For You

Video marketing can give you a more polished look

Your customers are more likely to watch a video about you than click an ad.

Corporate videos are much more memorable compared to traditional advertising

Video Marketing is a very easy medium for your consumers to take in and learn more about you.